Week 13_Online Advertising: Blog Post 1

The businesses I chose had a variety of ad types on their Facebook pages or groups:

1. Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO): LACO encouraged viewers to purchase tickets to the 50th anniversary season through a 15 second video clip. The header of the video was simple, "50th Anniversary Season Tickets on Sale" and the video was set to an exciting and vibrant fanfare. The fast pace movement between stills or video clips coupled with fast frame changes was enticing. The underlying message boasted "stunning soloists, world class music" and showed a diverse range of each instrument family. The end of the ad finished with the LACO vertical log and the call to action "Buy Tickets Now" with a link beneath.

2. The Zzymzzy Quartet News:
This is an interesting take on using Facebook groups. Rather than have a Facebook page like everyone else, they have a group that also acts as a newsletter. Zzymzzy Quartet took the traditional social media marketing and made it more personal and intimate. This way they're able to post events and news on the fly and not be restricted by a format, which might be more effective as it is a less overt call to action. Furthermore, it could be refreshing for people to do their own searching rather than having everything spoonfed.

3. The National Symphony Orchestra (NSO): This video ad creates interest for both demographics within the music industry and those who are brand new. It is inviting viewers to learn more on the conductor profile with the call to action "Meet Gianandrea Noseda." NSO states the pieces such as Mahler No.5 so that people who like that piece will likely see the ad in their feed and has another subtler call to action with a TinyURL link to ticket purchasing. The video is under a minute and has the conductor narrating a voiceover, the music of Mahler, and then action footage of his conducting techniques.

4. The Metropolitan Opera (The MET): 
I like the sense of urgency with this ad using phrases like "Don't Miss" and full caps "TONIGHT" to encourage people to check out the broadcast event on PBS. It is a minimalist image and color palette with black, white, and gold. The image used appears to be vintage and showing when an opera house was still under construction.

5. Kronos Quartet: This is the most comprehensive ad of the five for this entry. It included many elements from unique Spotify playlist links to tagging other publications and individuals involved in the project as well as a wide action shot of the quartet. It addressed the geographical audience as well as their Facebook fans. Their call to action was twofold in that they encouraged UK followers to see them live and then everyone else to learn about the making of the live documentary.

Among the above, I think that the LACO ad was the most effective because it was under 20 seconds in length and had a variety of colors, text, film and video clips. It was simple in its message so that it was enticing, but gave enough information so the viewer knew what organization was putting the season on.

In my personal life, I like the randomness of traditional advertising better because it shows me things I might not have sought out in the first place. It can be kind of annoying and creepy that targeted Google and Facebook ads show me exactly what I was searching for five minutes ago down to the exact item SKU. I like having personalized content, but that is taking it too far.


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