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Week 4: Part 2_ Websites I Frequent

MiraCosta College:
I frequently use MiraCosta College’s website. I keep going back to the site because I work part-time as a Campus Aide and I am also taking another class in addition to CSIT155. I think that MCC does a good job at being consistent with the color scheme. The bold primary colors like blues and yellows in addition to secondary colors like green keep with the logo of the institution and keep an inviting and fresh appearance for visitors. Another good aspect of the design is consistency with each subpage, whether that’s for accessing Online Education or any Student Services page. I think that the pages with lots of content could do better with different header fonts so that students, teachers, and parents can absorb the excess of information.
I often use Twitter, even on the desktop version, for my personal account and the two part-time social media positions I work in. Twitter is a good site online because it lays out the content …

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