Week 13_Online Advertising: Blog Post 2

Based on information from prior assignments, there arec ertain characteristics that will make an ad, whether it is a banner, video, or text post, more effective. Some of the things that must be kept in mind include justification, font families, color schemes, and staying true to the brand of the business while still trying to target that goal demographic. Since taking this class I have considered keeping text left justified because that is how humans read, from left to right, and only using centering for content I want to stand out. Utilizing font treatments like bolding, underlining, and italicizing can be effective but should be used sparingly so it does not get obnoxious.

Just like in our first blog entry of the semester where we selected a template and color scheme, it should be as easy on the viewers as possible. With social media marketing especially, time is precious and should not be spent frustrating the recipients of ads.

With Brightwork, we have boosted ads using a $5 budget per post. This helped increase our post reach and thus our increased our overall engagement dramatically. It makes it easier that Facebook now owns Instagram and the two platforms can work simultaneously. So far Facebook ads have been more effective, however that is because it is the most consistent content wise.


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