Week 14_Developing Online Advertising: Ad Activity

Brightwork newmusic has utilized both of the options for paid Facebook promotions: The Boosted Post and the Event Promotion. The Boosted Post was of a funny meme encouraging people to replace a portion of their favorite piece with the word "bacon." I was surprised that the Boosted Post did so well in terms of post engagement, as it was meant to be just a tester and lighthearted fun. However, since the engagement was at 15 vs. the 6 link clicks for the Event Promotion, I think this shows that sometimes the most whimsical content can be the most popular and engaging.

The Event Promotion for the "Descent into Madness" performance reached over 500 people but garnered only 6 link clicks. However, in the grand scheme of contemporary art music, those 6 link clicks to the tickets would translate to at least a third of a typical audience at the event. I feel that campaign was $10 well spent because after the performance the media I posted the followings had a lot of engagement on both Twitter and Facebook.

In regards to the Twitter ads, I am curious as to why only the larger metropolitan cities are listed. Since Brightwork's target demographic is all of Southern California but primarily in the Orange and LA counties, I can only select SF, SD, and LA for the regional option. Since the baseline cost for "Promote Mode" advertising is $99, I think Brightwork should hold off on spending this kind of money until I can get the account to have more followers and a consistent content flow that is reaching our goal audiences.


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