Week 15: Post 2_ Facebook Analytics

The following data is for the period of 5/08-5/14:

Brightwork's strongest category for growth was the "reach" capping at 167% whereas the other six categories saw a 100% growth rate. "Recommendations" and "page previews" did not have any data to show, which I think is because there aren't any upcoming events to promote for the group. Comparing to other points in time, when there is a concert or some sort of collaboration for Brightwork, the page previews increase because of the hashtags and tagging of other involved parties who have their own following.

I found it interesting that although there hasn't been new video content since 3/27, the video engagement analytics continue to go up. This tells me that we as a group need to post more videos as this still draws others in two months after the fact. Another piece of information I check is the number of "hide, report as spam, & unlikes" that occur. Luckily, Brightwork has continued to remain at zero. Should this change, I will be able to see it happen and then hopefully be able to diagnose the reason why.

Although the growth was quite modest (hits in the single digits), seeing seven out of nine categories from the analytics page in the green over the past week is both eye opening and encouraging. The fact that Facebook and Twitter still don't charge for the use of their software is uncanny and should be something every business owner and associate take advantage of. Analytics can help save heartache, energy, and resources if paid attention to.


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