Week 15_Post 1: Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is even more comprehensive than Twitter and Facebook analytics. I would
The first feature that will probably be the most helpful is the "views per web property." Although the free version only allows up to 200 views, if we feel that the website is gaining more traffic, then we can opt in to the paid service to assess up to 400 views. This will also help tie in with Facebook and ticket points of sale because GA allows for integration of data from external sources too.

Real-time reports on the website can help to track how the WordPress site is doing with garnering clicks to outside sites including other social media handles.
Since the art music field is trying to be more inclusive to audiences outside of the conservatory/academia, I think that the survey option is an excellent way to gauge how receptive people are to the mission of each concert program and what they would like to see implemented so it is a better experience. The survey can also be coupled with incentivizing people to fill it out and then win two free tickets to the next event. This will help to narrow the information gathered about attendees beyond the standard layer of demographic information.


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