Week 16: Post 1

 Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, what I like to call "The Big 3" appears to run the social media lives of professional and personal accounts. Looking at the figures for categories such as reach and engagement on content, I feel that Facebook platforms must be used daily. Usership is very high throughout the day and people check their accounts via cellphones frequently. To capitalize on that, I think that having at least two posts a day during peak usership will be the best way to remind followers that the account still exists and has something to say. With the scheduling feature, seeing an editorial calendar through will be much easier and will help followers receive consistency.

Over the course of this semester I have enjoyed getting into Twitter again and seeing what the analytics can do for Brightwork. Since the Twitterverse is so extensive and constantly refreshed with new feed content, I find it hard to decide wthether this would be better utilized daily or less frequently. Since there is so much content going out on Twitter around the world, the content one works so hard on might get easily buried. This is why I think less frequent posts could be effective as the user experience is already beyond overwhelmed and limited to 140 characters, so naturally short and frequent blurbs is the most popular. However, those accounts with large followings, PR teams, and marketing budgets can still post everyday and see results. With Brightwork, I think the best course of action is to just keep looking at what other accounts do and try and take it one step further in order to remain relevant. 

With my personal Instagram account, I have gotten more "likes" on my pictures after having not posted in a week or so than posting everyday. Therefore, I think that this platform would work best on a less frequent time schedule. Since Instagram focuses on the visual features, saving posts for more deliberate things to contribute to user feeds is a route I would like to try with Brightwork. 

What's great about social media culture is the number of hashtags that can be reused so that old content can be recycled in newer ways or a gallery of material can be gathered and used in the future without having to be used up right away. This is where Instagram might be most lucrative and I will start experimenting and go from there.


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