Week 16_Planning Future Strategy: Blog Post 2

In planning ahead for a six month strategy, I plan on using Google Drive suite to keep my ideas organized and also to utilize the many helpful apps such as Google Sheets and Docs. Google Drive will also be useful so that I can stay in contact with the founder of Brightwork, as he is still heavily involved in the content creation and implementation of the group's performance calendar and branding. However, I still remain the main creator in the social media campaigns for the ensemble. Having a calendar in place and resources to keep all of my ideas in place will help me to be more efficient with my time and mindful with the content I am sharing on behalf of the ensemble.

In the past I have primarily been posting "off the cuff" and that is not as effective as it could be. There is a time and place for spontaneity, but as the textbooks and lecture materials show, consistency is far more effective in the long run and can help maintain brand imaging across multiple platforms. 

For the next month, I will be working on implementing two weekly posts on all of the Big 3, Mondays for "#New Music Monday" and Wednesdays for "#WomanCrushWednesday." In the analytics for Facebook I have noticed that using those hashtags on those particular days gains a lot of site traffic from people outside of the usual demographic. New Music Monday is perfect because I can share a video, make a general text post, or share a picture of the scores the group is practicing and I think it will still have a good engagement yield. Similarly, with the globally trending feminist content, Woman Crush Wednesday will be able to feature the work that female composers do for Brightwork and for the niche of the music industry in general.

As a final goal for the next six months, I want to make a contest organization and the prize would be two tickets to an upcoming performance or some other prize package containing the group members' individual media. I can use a hashtag that will help keep track of who is entering and then use that hashtag in future campaigns.


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