Week 17: Wrapping it Up

I very much enjoyed this course and felt it gave me a comprehensive look at how to implement the research proven marketing techniques from the two textbooks and Professor Faulk's lectures in the ever-changing world of social media. There is no use in trying to do something drastically different if it is not going to be seen on platform feeds or well received.

I think it was a great idea to have classmates "like" and follow each other's platforms because it created a sort of laboratory environment where real time, weekly feedback was garnered. It was also very encouraging to get the ping of notifications each week or so and made me want to produce better and more engaging content. Ultimately this led to a growth of followers and increased interaction that was quantifiable via analytics.

My use of social media has definitely increased since the beginning of this course. I am further adept at using Facebook for business and feel confident in letting the analytics do the work for me and cater my content accordingly. I also have a better understanding of how to use Twitter and not get lost in the whirlwind of the Twitterverse newsfeed, but rather utilize the platform for research purposes if I am not positing content regularly.

Before this course, Brightwork had a couple of playlists on a Spotify account though it dropped off pretty quickly. Since seeing the Kronos Quartet implementing a personalized Spotify playlist for their pieces and endeavors, I want to solidify this idea further. Now this type of campaign can be the next line in connecting and interacting with followers.

Finally, I am an even bigger believer in the power of social media marketing and the technology that continues to get smarter and more intuitive. It is imperative that the businesses I work for have a consistent platform in place that is able to continue to grow. The way to continue with growth is being aware of current trends and predicting where the younger generations are going with their usage. I have kept my printouts of all the lectures and I own the books, I intend to be as mindful as possible with my personal and professional social media projects.


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